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New Way To Cancel Accounts: Telkom SA


New Way To Cancel Accounts: Telkom SA

Telkom, a wireline and wireless telecommunications provider in South Africa says it is working to improve the accessibility of its formal system of assistance to its customers by creating a trait which will allow customers to cancel their accounts and process the matter online.

A pre-login capacity which will allow customers to log a cancellation case without first logging in to the Telkom website is going to be put in place as emphasized by Telkom officials.

This followed after customers stated that they could not apply for a credit or home loan as Telkom had boycotted them with credit bureaus for not paying their accounts. Telkom admitted that errors in its cancellation system for sure resulted in users being incorrectly blacklisted.

However, Telkom has reviewed its cancellation process and has added more measures to minimise incorrect listings that were done during the manual cancellation process. To date, the cancellation process is now effectively working efficiently and all customers are advised to cancel their packages online on the organisation’s portal so as to allow authentication. The time to cancel the process has been reduced from 10 days to 48 hours.

If a customer is able to log in to the online portal and cancel their account, there should be no future problem and credit bureau listings. In this case, Telkom recommends that customers lay their complaint by visiting

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