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SA Woman Discover Revolutionary Anti-Rape Gadget for Woman

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SA Woman Discover Revolutionary Anti-Rape Gadget for Woman

A South African woman, Sonnet Ehlers Byant has invented a new gadget called Rape-Ex which could portray instant justice to the rapist which makes it easier for the law enforcers to find up the offenders. A gadget is inserted in the woman’s vagina, with razor sharp like teeth which clutches in the rapist’s manhood and it can only be removed by specialized surgery.

The gadget is said to be the answer to the increasing rape cases as it ensures the rapists are easily identified since he cannot remove the gadget once it is stuck to the manhood. To remove it, one could require special surgery since forcibly removing it will without doubt hurt and damage the penis permanently.

The device is proved to be safe and to be contact with the vaginal cavity for an extended period of time and tests in the laboratory have been conducted to ensure its safety. It is made up of a nonabsorbent biocompatible material.

Cases of rape are being reported daily especially in South Africa and according to global rate statistics, a woman is raped after every 98seconds in the United States of America while South Africa has the highest rate of rape cases reported everyday.

The United Nations recognizes that sexual harassment is a merely underreported crime and similar statistics as in SA can be found globaly. The lady is said to have plans to introduce RX in other countries such as India, USA and those in Europe. The distribution will depend on the reaction of the sup region or region.

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