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SIG Launches New Bluetooth 5.1 Feature

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SIG Launches New Bluetooth 5.1 Feature

Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) has launched a new direction finding feature that enriches the performance of Bluetooth location services solutions and thus allowing the device to determine the direction of a Bluetooth signal.

The improvement of Bluetooth proximity solutions can recognize device direction and positioning systems can achieve down to centimeter-level location accuracy.

Bluetooth 5.1-based proximity solutions permit users to find devices with Bluetooth tags and positioning systems using Bluetooth technology. Thereby permitting the refinement of indoor positioning systems and real-time locating services.

The systems presently achieved meter-level accuracy; however, this new technology will deliver greatly improved tracking.

Bluetooth IPS solutions, such as those for wayfinding, are assisting travelers in finding their way through airports around the world.

The Bluetooth community is frequently improving the technology to meet new market opportunities and the ever-expanding requirements of the markets in which it operates.

The new addition of direction finding brings established, time-tested methods for determining signal direction to an established, trusted radio.

“Location services is one of the fastest growing solution areas for Bluetooth technology, and is forecasted to reach over 400 million products per year by 2022,” said Bluetooth SIG Director Mark Powell.

The Bluetooth 5.1 core specification is now available to developers.

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