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Its Not Just You, Facebook, Instagram, And Whatsapp Are Down

While you can open the apps, they’re missing major functions


Its Not Just You, Facebook, Instagram, And Whatsapp Are Down

Facebook went down in several parts around the world for several hours Wednesday, as did Facebook-owned Instagram and WhatsApp. While you can open both platforms and some services appear to have been restored, users are reporting issues with sending messages on Messenger, posting to the feed on all Facebook products, and accessing other features on, Instagram, and WhatsApp.

“We’re aware that some people are currently having trouble accessing the Facebook family of apps. We’re working to resolve the issue as soon as possible,” Facebook tweeted.

We tested multiple accounts at Techunzipped, and found that Messenger couldn’t load at all on desktop, Instagram is markedly worse: for some users, posts aren’t loading, Instagram Stories are down, and direct messages and the button to post new content are also not working. Whatsapp was failing to send images.

Other users noted that attempting to use Facebook to sign into apps like Tinder or Spotify wasn’t working also.

In an era of 24 x 7 availability this is unprecendented. What is happening ? New features ? Bug fix ? Hacked ? Too much user Load ?

Pardon has been a technology enthusiast his entire life and has spent the better part of last decades in information technology and security, and he writes with an aim to remove some of the "mysticism" from the cyber world. He’s the Editor at Techunzipped. Away from the keyboard, you're likely to find him playing with the latest gadgets or the latest Game.

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