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Telone Hikes Data Bundle Price By 200%

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Telone Hikes Data Bundle Price By 200%

Telone Hikes Data Bundle Price By 200%

Internet users and mobile phone subscribers will dig deeper into their pockets to pay for services offered by TelOne.

TelOne has been the latest service provider to “adjust” their data pricing structures. This is in line with the new pricing structure announced by the RBZ.

Most service in Zimbabwe are now price in two values that is the USD price and the RTGS price meaning the two rates are paged at the current exchange rate.

According to a statement by the company, Telone said “TelOne notes the announcement of a rate of exchange between the US Dollar and the RTGS Dollar. We further note and point out that our tariffs and charges are currently denominated in the US Dollar.”

“With this observation, TelOne would like to advise that our tariffs and charges will remain unchanged in US Dollar terms. We will, however, now have tariffs and charges indicated in RTGS$ as well.” Telone Added.

Below are the New Prices

PackageData ValueOld RTGS$ Price/USD PriceNew RTGS$ Price
Blaze lite8GB$54.00$108.00
Blaze extra15GB$82.00$145.00
Blaze Boost20GB$102.00$179.00
Blaze Ultra 40GB$165.00$289.00
Blaze Trail Blazer100GB$248.00$435
Blaze Unlimited Unlimited$8.55$2335.00

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