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Econet Data Hike Still Doing Push Ups

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Econet Data Hike Still Doing Push Ups

Zimbabwe internet users could be in for another data price hike next month. Last week Telecel and Netone announced the lasted increase in data prices on some of their most popular deals which are Telecel’s MegaBoost and Netone’s OneFusion.

Econet is yet to announce any new pricing to their products.

For a quick comparison, 25 GB of OneFi costs $512.  You can get the same data from Econet for $50 (Fifty Dollars).  75 GB costs $1536 on NetOne but only $100 on Econet.  Telecel has reduced the more MoData Daily Bundle from 1000Mb (1 Gb) to just 91 Mb.

The images below show the latest prices from NetOne and Telecel.

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