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Netone Says Network Service Restored In Cyclone-Hit Areas


Netone Says Network Service Restored In Cyclone-Hit Areas

NetOne said service on its mobile services have been restored to cyclone his areas around the country. NetOne has managed to bring up 24 out of its 27 base stations in Chimanimani and Chipinge that were destroyed by Cyclone Idai.

NetOne has been failing to reach some of the base stations due to the damage of access roads.

Speaking to the Herald, NetOne head of public relations, Dr Elderette Shereni, said they have worked hard to restore communication.

“We had a total of about 27 base stations and we managed to bring almost all of them after they were destroyed by the cyclone. There are only three that were down when I checked this week,” she said.

So far NetOne had restored 24 base stations out of 27 in the affected areas.

“The other three base stations are still down because the roads are still inaccessible. We have had a lot of help from the logistics team on the ground in terms of trying to assist our team to get on site to refuel generators because some of the power lines were also affected, a lot of them are running on generators,” Shereni Added.

Disaster relief centres have been set up in Chimanimani and Chipinge, and there has been a big rush for financial help in cyclone affected areas.

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