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This Reusable Beer Bottle Could Change The Way Zimbabwe Drinks

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This Reusable Beer Bottle Could Change The Way Zimbabwe Drinks

Sometimes the best ideas are old ideas. While fast food companies are trying to develop a compostable cup of the future, Delta has introduced a new glass beer bottle that could redefine the way we drink beer across the country.

The Castle Lite 660ml Magnum’s secret? It can be reused. Once customers are done drinking their beer, the bottles can be handed in, washed, and used again. This process can be rinsed and repeated up to 25 times, which its creators believe would lead to a 92% savings in carbon footprint versus merely recycling aluminium or glass.

The use of reusable bottles requires new thinking and ways of doing things, and collaboration by all stakeholders.

The uncertain future of glass as a recyclable has the town re-examining its glass collection policy, and selectmen say the town’s many bars that go through much glass could be impacted.

Each year, by one estimate, Zimbabweans throw out around 2 million tons of products that could have been recycled. In Zimbabwe we don’t have access to recycling; for those that do, everything from broken blenders to old clothing still ends up in the trash.

According to Delta its committed to developing all its packaging to be high-performing and recyclable and reusable, and to become a leader in long-term solutions. Success will come from a combination of lots of different approaches, so we are watching and learning about them all.

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