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Looking To Sell Your Old Stuff, There’s Now An App For That- BidBuddie


Looking To Sell Your Old Stuff, There’s Now An App For That- BidBuddie

What do you do with the stuff you’ve decided to get rid of? Do you simply toss it? Or, can you get money for old antiques, clothes, and other miscellaneous items? Looking for the best ways to sell your stuff online?

Turns out, you can. Econet how has an app for that, called BidBuddie.

If your clothing is still in good shape but you no longer need it, selling it on BidBuddie is a great way to make a quick buck.

To get started, you simply create an account, list your items, upload pictures (BidBuddie automatically does this for most items), and you’re up and running! You have instant access to an online marketplace.

The great thing about BidBuddie and it’s competitors is that you can sell pretty much any general merchandise (anything that’s legal) there. That means that anything from collectible toys to designer handbags to spare engine parts is fair game.

BidBuddie’s interface makes it easy to get started selling almost anything.

Some people put their old cell phone in their dresser drawer, never to access it again. But if you’re money-minded, you may want to see what you can get for it on the open market. You can download the app here.

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