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ZOL Now Lets You Roll Over Your Unused Data


ZOL Now Lets You Roll Over Your Unused Data

We’ve all been there: Every month, a slice of our mobile data plan goes unused, only to disappear into the ether forever at the end of the month. We have often asked WHERE THE USED DATA WENT. Now, one carrier aims to put an end to that.

It’s usually the case that if you have, for example, a 10-gigabyte monthly data allowance, and you only use 8 gigabytes in one month, you’ll lose the additional 2 gigabytes.

The debate on whether telecoms should really expire data bundles or not has been going on for a while now, especially in Africa.

ZOL (Liquid Telecom) has started offering a data “rollover” scheme to let customers hold on to their unused data, and we hope rival has followed suit. The new rollover scheme will start working on the 1st of August.

Research by Techunzipped shows that 64% of customers don’t “manage their data well”, either exceeding their data usage or having spare data at the end of each month.

The new initiative gives data hungry customers the chance to have full control over their usage, and avoid wasting chunks of precious unused data from that month.

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