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TelOne DEOD Adds New Free TV Channels

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TelOne DEOD Adds New Free TV Channels

Telone has just announce that their DEOD platform has expanded its offering to the Zimbabwean market through the addition of a host of new free TV channels just two months after the introduction of the local content catalogue, Zollywood.

A total of 12 News, Entertainment and Inspiration-themed channels are now available on the service entirely for FREE to customers, with 8 new Entertainment channels being added to the Pay TV section, bringing the full channel offering to 27 channels. These channels are in addition to the local Zimbabwean Zollywood collection of films that were recently added to TelOne’s DEOD platform in April.

The FREE TV offering includes:

Al JazeeraAfrica NewsTRT WorldFrance 24Russia TodayDeutche Welle GOD TVHopeChannelSBNInspiration TV   KayaTVRT Documentaries

Commenting on the development, TelOne Managing Director Mrs Chipo Mtasa said: “We are delighted to continue bringing quality television viewing options to the Zimbabwe market through the DEOD platform in partnership with Discover Digital.”

“The recent addition of the Zollywood catalogue will not only bring a true Zimbabwe flair to the platform but will give customers more freedom on viewing options. The launch of the Free to air channels also gives the DEOD service the edge in the Home Entertainment industry,” she said.

The move is part of TelOne’s wider strategy through its technical partner Discover Digital, to make quality content available to a large audience through a mix of low cost video-on-demand subscription packages and free-to the consumer or advertising-funded content on the continent.

Discover Digital International Director Stephen Watson said; “We are delighted to partner with the channel partners who have embraced this approach and are looking for stronger distribution through our platform and operator partnerships on the continent.”

“The addition of such a mix of local and international content, as well as the inclusion of free TV channels will give viewers a lot more choice and flexibility as far as their digital entertainment on demand is concerned,” Watson said.

DEOD offers a mix of entertainment including the latest blockbuster movies on a pay per title, rental basis, from all six major studios in Hollywood, a large selection of subscription content including series, movies, documentaries and music videos and we offer both free-to-air and Pay TV linear channels.

The channels that are offered as part of the Pay-TV offering include BBC Worldwide, Bloomberg, Euronews, Fightbox, Motorvision, Nautical, Ginx, Vox Africa, Docubox, Filmbox, Filmbox Arthouse, 360 Tune Box, Gametoons, Fast and Fun Box and Fashionbox, ultimately appealing to a broad audience.

TelOne in partnership with the Discover Digital, launched DEOD in October last year, allowing us to bundle DEOD with our broadband offering.  To date, the services has exceeded expectations amongst TelOne customers, with over 10% of our subscriber base having signed up for the service. For TelOne it is also imperative to support the local film and television industry and we are thus working with producers to increase the local content offering on the platform.

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