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Things You Need To Know About Sasai – Africa’s First Integrated Social Payments Platform


Things You Need To Know About Sasai – Africa’s First Integrated Social Payments Platform

Sasai is a complete mobile communication tool made by Cassava Fintech International, but with world standards. The App will be launched on the 1st of August but it’s now available for download on Google Play store and Apple App Store.

Sasai presents a multipurpose smartphone application, going beyond the features offered by its counterpart WhatsApp, Telegram and the like. Sasai integrates a variety of services such as messaging, socialization and mobile payment services, and steadily expands its functionality by integrating new services scheduled monthly, which will include queued additional features and on-boarded partners.

Sasai is one of those apps that get you registered with a Username and Password and your mobile phone number. You can, however, have a Sasai name that you can change any time you wish. It is the name that appears to your contacts.

In the context of social media use, the core functions of Sasai include messaging services with other users and/or sharing photos/videos. In line with the features of WhatsApp, the Cassava Fintech App offers free video and voice calling features, and a large range of emoticons to emphasize the emotional state of the users.

You can have live chat sessions with many friends on Sasai, with the possibility of making voice calls. Video and Voice calls in Sasai are the same in other VoIP Apps in that they are in full-duplex. The video is of high quality, compared to that of other commonly used Apps. But quality depends on many factors, and the App can control only some of them – such as the codecs. Quality also depends on your connection.

Sasai uses your 4G/3G data, of which you are to be mindful when using video chatting, especially with the high quality since it has the tendency to use more megabytes of your data plan. It’s, therefore, a trade-off.

You can also use your Wi-Fi connection which, while being limited in coverage, is free. And then you can also send Voice Notes by just pressing a button as you talk; your voice is then recorded and sent over to your contact. You can talk to many contacts at the same time, in a group chat.

From a different angle, Sasai can be seen as a platform to acquire various information. The function of “Sasai Public Account” enables users to get any kinds of information when they follow a distinct public account. In fact, organizations such as large enterprises, universities, churches, and governments, could utilize a “Sasai Public Account” as a channel to transmit information to specific users and interact with them.

You can add friends by scanning their QR codes or, alternatively, let others scan you from your QR code. The only catch is that you’ll have to persuade your most frequent texting buddies to download the App too, but once they see Sasai’s advantages, they’ll probably give it a try.

Did we mention that the app is ZERO Rated?

As payment has been integrated into the social messaging platform, users can now easily pay their bills through their mobile phones ranging from QR Code Payments, and even Native In-App Payments. Customers are given the options per payment situation. For now, you can make payments to local service providers like ZOL, ZESA and thousands of merchants such as supermarkets and so forth.

CFI assures that the Sasai payment system complies with international standards and it carries out 24/7 real-time monitoring on all transactions made through its monitoring system. Users are required, by default, to enter a 4-digit payment password for authorization before payment. All user-related information is stored locally in compliance with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCIDSS).

The Sasai App is available on all popular mobile platforms including Android, iOS. The App and the service are free, as are all the features.

Many free apps come with ads that pay for the free service, but this App has no ads whatsoever.

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