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How To Stay Safe In This Week’s Heat Wave


How To Stay Safe In This Week’s Heat Wave

I grew up in a hot climate where the summer days regularly climbed into the triple digits and lasted well into early November. As I did my O levels in Dande, Mavhuranha high school, we managed to service the heat waves.

Heatwaves are fairly predictable because periods of hot weather can be tracked, staying up-to-date on the forecasts is the first step in fighting heat-related dangers.

When the hot weather does arrive, its always safe to “Stay in the shade, and hydrated.”

Fans, cold showers, and visits to generously air-conditioned offices and homes can provide a brief respite from the heat, but there are plenty of other strategies that can make a heat wave more bearable (and safe) even if you don’t have air-conditioning at home.

Iced coffees in the morning and ice-cold beers in the evening may sound like enjoyable heat-busters, but that joy will be fleeting. Alcohol and caffeine are diuretics, which can cause you too lose too many fluids and lead to dehydration. So its best to Avoide booze and caffeine can cool you down.

A 2013 review found that dunking arms up to the elbow in cool water drops body temperature more than dunking just your hands or just your feet. A study of this technique during Army training also found that it reduced the severity of heat illnesses during arduous work days, INSIDER previously reported.

Make your own ‘air conditioner.’ Kkkkk If you have a fan and an ice maker, you can have an air-conditioner. Simply put the fan in front of a bowl of ice.

As the globe continues to warm, these kinds of dangerous heat waves will become both more common and more intense, meaning cities must continue to plan in advance to protect the most vulnerable.

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