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OneMoney Roars To Life


OneMoney Roars To Life

OneMoney, the mobile money platform from telecommunications giant NetOne is offering a range of solutions for the mobile financial services market.  The year 2019 has seen OneMoney subscriptions and usage patterns rising sharply as a viable alternative to EcoCash.

Previously known as One Wallet until it was relaunched in 2017, OneMoney is fast evolving into a force to reckon with through provision of an array of services seamless transacting and greater customer convenience.

One Money offers a bulk payment solution called OnePay which allows corporates and other entities to process multiple wallet transactions instantly at a click of a button.

“Several companies have adopted this mode of payment for payroll processing, as well as payment of allowances. Tertiary institutions can also utilize this platform for processing student grants and other stipends. Several tobacco & cotton farmers have also received their payments using this robust payment platform.’’ NetOne PR Executive Dr. Eldrette Shereni said.

One Money also has several merchants across the country by simply dialing *111*2*1*merchantcode*Amount#. Furthermore, One Money subscribers can pay any Point of Sale merchant across the country through the added convenience of a Zimswitch enabled debit card. In big supermarket chains such as OK, TM Pick n Pay, Spar, Simbisa brands etc. customers can do cardless merchant payments by simply punching in their mobile number and One Money pin code to the integrated POS machines.

Asked to shed more light on this functionality Dr. Shereni said “Sometimes one can forget the wallet containing their debit cards at home and only realize this when they get to the shops, and this would be a near disaster if their phone battery also dies. As such, OneMoney has a facility allows subscribers to make payments in-store at point of sales without their mobile phones, a development that has revolutionized and redefined customer shopping experience. We appreciate that your phone may run out of power, therefore you can still pay for your groceries without it, or having to burn fuel driving back to collect your wallet using POS keypad, hence offering added convenience to our customers.  This functionality is found on most CABS Point of Sales and integration with other bank POS machines is at an advanced stage”.

Companies and individuals alike can also pay their customs duty, or remit taxes etc. to Zimra on the go by simply dialing *554# and follow the prompts. OneMoney also has the agent facility which promotes entrepreneurship and income generation capacity through paying lucrative commissions to registered agents for mobile line registration, cash-in, cash-out and airtime sales. NetOne has also launched “One Top-Up”, which gives a 10% discount to customers purchasing airtime using the OneMoney platform. This product offers an opportunity for individuals to sell airtime using the “One Top-Up” platform making a profit from the discount. This is a welcome development, given the current economic situation where individuals need all revenue-generating streams and cost-cutting solutions at their disposal. Clients can also buy ZESA prepaid electricity tokens with ease as well as pay their utility bills to council.

 “OneMoney is on a positive trajectory as result of customer-focused solutions. When we develop our products and services our aim is to improve the customer experience, through seamless communication solutions delivered with an edge.  The current product offering from OneMoney is a firm commitment of our aspiration to integrate society into convenient mobile solutions.   As we continue to operate in the fast-paced global village of the 21st century, NetOne is committed to creating value for all Zimbabweans from all walks as we play our role in the upliftment of our great nation.” said NetOne Head Public Relations Dr. Eldrette Shereni

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