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Netone Cleans Harare Hospital


Netone Cleans Harare Hospital

NetOne Zimbabwe has launched a cleanup and tree planting campaign at Harare Hospital today in a bid to promote cleanliness and to support the environment by providing fresh air.

In an interview with Techunzipped news, NetOne executive public relations Dr Eldrette Shereni said the cleanup and tree planting campaign is in line with the goal to promote good health and well being and sustainable patient nutrition.

“Our idea of setting up the fruit trees is that the hospital should be sustainable in terms of fruit trees and vitamin provisions to its patients. We will also plant shed trees were visitors wait for visiting hours so as to provide enough shade as part of giving back and protecting the environment.” She said.

Netone has also donated diapers to the hospital so as to assist the hospital in taking care of the children.

The network provider has invited National Disabled Persons Empowerment Trust to the clean-up and tree planting campaign so as to prove to the nation that being disabled is not an inability.

In an interview, Director National Disabled Persons Empowerment Trust [NDPET] Mr Kudakwashe Chigonga said they were grateful for the invite by NetOne as this has proved that they are also being recognized in the community.

“It is a privilege to be invited by NetOne because most organizations sort of shunning the disabled hence we are grateful for this gesture by NetOne.” he said.

Meanwhile, NDPET advocacy and communications officer, Ms Pamela Pamire said the disabled should also be given the chance in the community as they are also part of the nation.

“We are here to show that we are also part of the community, even though we are disabled it doesn’t mean we should not take part in these events because we are part of the nation and we are able to do that.

“We thank NetOne for including us.”

Other organizations invited by NetOne to the cleanup and tree planting campaign include ZBC corporation, Forestry Commission, EMA, Caps United and Harare Hospital staff.

The day of national tree planting is commemorated in Zimbabwe on every first Friday of December.

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