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Zimbabweans React To The Devaluation Of 50cents Coins


Zimbabweans React To The Devaluation Of 50cents Coins

Zimbabweans are reacting to the ban of 50 cent coins by vendors and commuter omnibus operators,  saying the operation has done more bad than good to the Citizens and the economy at large.

In an interview, Mr Sean Moyo, a Harare Citizen said the issue is complicated and difficult to the citizens since the same coins that are being refused at market are the same currency being given to the people by banks.

“As far as I am concerned it’s local money, and is the only legal tender currently allowed in the market, if I go to my bank I am given the same 50cents coins that will then be refused by the kombi operators.

“It’s actually a very difficult and complicated situation to us, since I am now required to buy the bond notes there by costing me twice as much.”

Meanwhile, Miss Jubilee Chiura, another Harare Citizen said this has affected her day to day routine to town since now the commuter omnibus operators are refusing to take the 50cents coins.

“What are they expecting us to do? Soon they will phase out all use of coins. Kombi conductors refuse to take the 50 cents coins that are at our disposal but it’s the same 50cents coins that has been given to us by the Government. We don’t know what else to do.” She said.

Gladys Chiriseri said the Country needs government intervention as this will be the cause of inflation since an item that used to cost 50cents will now cost $1 thus living is getting harder and harder by the day.

“This means inflation is taking its toll bit by bit, since the prices have now doubled, who knows? Soon they will say they no longer need $2 coins.

“The government should intervene and control this before it gets worse.” She said.

Lingstoney Malinga of Nkulumane 12 said he is greatly disturbed by the sudden refusal of 50cents coins as he is now finding it hard to play snooker which used to cost 50cents and now they are charging $1.

“I am very hurt right now as I was on my way to play snooker and they told me to pay $1, yet I had budgeted the usual 50 cents. Now I don’t know what to do.” He said.

For almost one week now, vendors, small retailers and all transport providing vehicles (excluding zupco) are refusing 50 cents coins from the citizens. In the beginning of the year, 10 cents were rejected and at the middle of the year 25 cents were also rejected and this has put a strain on everyone since it all means one thing – continued inflation.


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