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A Look At Bank To Ecocash Transfer Charges


A Look At Bank To Ecocash Transfer Charges

The use of plastic money has become number one in Zimbabwe due to the cash crises that has rampaged the Country for a few years now.

In line of this view, Techunzipped News has gone an extra mile by researching on how much Banks are charging on transactions to EcoCash.

Banks integrated with ecocash offer their clients a transfer facility to move money between their bank account and EcoCash mobile wallet with each bank charging its own set transaction fees for bank to wallet transfers whilst EcoCash charges a flat fee of $0.50c for wallet to bank transfers.

Our research shows that Stanbic Bank is the cheapest as it does not charge any amount on its bank to ecocash transactions. The only amount that is lost to the customer is the $0.50c Ecocash flat fee which is being charged by EcoCash to all banks.

Steward Bank was ruled as the most expensive one since it charges 1% of the amount transferred and it has raised many eyebrows from customers since it is an Econet owned Bank and is expected to be cheaper than all.

BankABC Charges $1 plus flat fee ($0.50c), NMB $3 plus flat fee, POSB $2 plus flat fee, CBZ 2.50 plus flat fee and ZB $2 plus flat fee.

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