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Econet Wireless Your Digital Lifestyle Network

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Econet Wireless Your Digital Lifestyle Network

Since its inception in July 1998 Econet Wireless has never backed down on proffering solutions to its customers and the Zimbabwean society at large, premised on Pioneering, Innovation and Personal Econet Wireless’s valuing system continue to inspire our daily lives is so many ways.

The company has transformed and transcended across social divides from the poor, the rich, the young  and the old bringing value to its customers in meeting their daily needs and wants. A telecoms service provider of excellence, Econet Wireless has for the past 21 Years been a force to reckon with.

From giving you more with Buddie, to the look up campaign, the Smart Data position Econet has journeyed with its customers on a value based mutual relationship, spearheading technology and influencing it to upgrade and enhance Zimbabweans’ lives through convenience and ease. The company launched its Econet Data services in 2010 and to date it has the widest coverage and customer base of above 4,5 million customers on its 3G, 4G and LTE network hence providing internet access to all Zimbabweans answering to the globalisation call. Econet Wireless has indeed contributed to growth of Zimbabwe’s internet penetration rate which is currently sitting at 62%. With internet the world is in your palm from socialising with whoever on social media, planning holidays on AirBnB, shopping on Alibaba or Ali-Express, staying informed with latest and trending news. Econet data gives you that first class internet access.  This coupled with a Zimbabwean smartphone penetration rate of above 75%, has led the company to offer digital solutions to its customers.

The telecoms giant has passed the phase of just being a voice and data service provider to be a provider of Music (Buddie Beatz), Gaming (YoPlay gaming), Financial Services (EcoCash) and Connected lifestyle (Connected Car & Home). All these digital services are being channelled through mobile devices meant to address the daily needs of every individual within and outside Zimbabwe at the click of a button.

This lifestyle can indeed attest the digitalisation of everything by Econet Wireless making it a Digital Lifestyle Network. One would wonder what digital lifestyle network mean, spare the thought because Econet has packed services to unwind that position to the market.

Buddie Beatz is a music app hosting over 45,000 songs and 10,000 artist. It’s  indeed the “Hub of African Music” for all sort of music and entertainment catering to all music lovers’ appetite for music from your Afro-Pop, Jazz, Hip-Hop Rhythm n blues, Sungura, House, Zim-Dance hall, Gospel, Mbira, Marabi, Acapela, Rhumba and Maskhand. The app is downloadable on google play or apple app store and you can in-store into your mobile gadget and get all music that smooth you on the GO!

With Buddie Beatz all you need is your smartphone & connectivity then you can have tunes to take you through the day from old school tracks such as Kariba, Marimuka from Thomas Mapfumo to current trending hits like Ngai bake from Freeman, Your Man from Gary Mapanzure, Ndimi Janet Manyowa & Ndatsva from Victor Kunonga, Amara Brown, Macheso, Madzibaba, Hosiah Chipanga, Nomvuyo Sea Girl, Suluman’s Album Syllabus the list is endless.

Above all, Piracy was be-devilling the Zimbabwean music industry and the world at large. Leaving musicians and artist with nothing to show for their sweat Buddie Beatz has closed that gap because in-app music is un-transferable, also artist get revenue from minutes of in-app listenership and downloads thus keeping employment by safeguarding the Zimbabwean Music industry. All artist can submit their music on

YoPlay gaming it’s a gamers’s paradise, gamers will know the trick that games do the mind. Having been endured by the day’s busy schedules and routine chores. YoPlay Gaming can be your zone of comfort to relax year mind on the go! With over 2,000 games all you need is a smartphone and visiting and enjoy games anywhere so long there is connectivity.

With Burglary on the rife Econet Wireless has a solution of connecting you to your assets by offering security & giving you access to your home and car on the GO. Econet Connected Car & Home gives you a seamless connection to your assets anytime, anywhere over your mobile device. Sign Up for this service today at any Econet shop across Zimbabwe and have peace of mind. This indeed attest that Econet Wireless is a Digital lifestyle Network

Talk about easy and convenient payments Econet’s Mobile Financial Services (FMS) are second to none. EcoCash has created a bank to the unbanked population of Zimbabwe. The FMSs boost of over 8, 5 Million customers, 70,000 merchants, 40,000 agents and is linked to over 14 local banks amongst them Steward Bank, CABS, Stanbic, Standard Chartered, CBZ, World Remit to mention just a few. With a huge part of Zimbabwean Population heavily dependent on funds remitted from family members in the diaspora such as South Africa, UK, USA, Canada & Australia most families have been able to send money home & help in meeting the daily needs and economic survival of their families’ locally.

Having outlined this array of digital solutions from your Econet Data, Buddie Beatz, EcoCash, Connected Home & Car and YoPlay Gaming.  All these digital services have indeed enhanced people’s lives through convenience, easy of transacting, music & gaming entertainment on the GO!  

We can safely say digital is here let’s live it with Econet Wireless “Your Digital Lifestyle Network”!

Pardon has been a technology enthusiast his entire life and has spent the better part of last decades in information technology and security, and he writes with an aim to remove some of the "mysticism" from the cyber world. He’s the Editor at Techunzipped. Away from the keyboard, you're likely to find him playing with the latest gadgets or the latest Game.

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