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Schools Holds Student From Viewing Results Online


Schools Holds Student From Viewing Results Online

Since last year students now have the option to view their results online meaning they can at least see their results without having to pay for busfare and outstanding fees.

This has however caused some school authorities to hack accounts of students with outstanding fees and other debts from viewing their results online.

According to zimcheck, the results can be easily hacked in a way that can make it hard for specific students from viewing their results online by creating an account in the name of the student and when the student tries to create an account they will be told the account already exists.

“A lot of schools have traditionally used results as leverage when it comes to demanding all sorts of payments from students. Ranging from lost book fees and outstanding fees. More often than not schools have always felt that this is the only way they can get students to pay what they owe. So they withdraw results until the student has paid whatever it is the school feels they owe. Never mind it is illegal.” The site says.

“Last year that would have been the end of the road. It would have meant the student would not be able to view their results. This year there is a way around all the student needs to do is to click on the reset-password button.

“This will basically allow you to recreate your account and thwart those attempts. You just have to pick a new username and password and use your candidate number and other details.” The site added.

The School Examination Council announced that the Advanced level results came out yesterday.



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