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Cassava Healthtech, Cancerserve Trust commemorate World Cancer Day


Cassava Healthtech, Cancerserve Trust commemorate World Cancer Day

Cassava Healthtech’s Maisha has teamed up with the Cancerserve Trust to commemorate World Cancer Day.

The World Cancer Day is commemorated on February 4 every year to rally the world in the fight against cancer, to raise awareness about the disease and to mobilize for action to be taken to prevent and mitigate against all forms of cancer.

Maisha is a part of Cassava Healthtech, a subsidiary of the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange-listed tech giant Cassava Smartech Zimbabwe Limited. Maisha uses innovative mobile technologies to promote disease prevention and promote health education.

Chief Operating Officer of Cassava Healthtech, Mr Denver Phiri

Speaking on World Cancer Day, the Chief Operating Officer of Cassava Healthtech, Mr Denver Phiri said: “Through Maisha and our partnership with Cancerserve Trust, we are working to promote inclusivity in health education and promote wellness among all people in Zimbabwe.”

Cancerserve Trust Chairperson Dr Anna Nyakabau, a clinical oncologist, said: “Our partnership with Maisha came at critical time because cancer cases are on the rise. Cancer is one of the leading causes of death in Zimbabwe, with cervical, breast and prostate cancer the biggest culprits. But these deaths can be prevented and are less costly to treat if detected early.”

The Cancerserve Trust advocates for research and financial support to reduce the cancer burden, which can affect any person and at any age.

Maisha health services are accessible by dialing *147# or calling 147. By subscribing to Maisha health tips, users get access to a variety of health related topics ranging from cancer prevention and therapy, stress management, oral health to diabetes prevention and management and many more –  available in English, Shona and Ndebele.

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