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Deputy Minister Warns Fuel Stations Who Sell Fuel In USD

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Deputy Minister Warns Fuel Stations Who Sell Fuel In USD

Deputy Minister of Energy and Power Development, Magna Mudyiwa on Friday warned fuel stations that are selling fuel in US Dollars saying they should go back to using the Zimbabwe dollar which is the only legal tender or risk getting their stations closed.

Deputy Minister Mudyiwa said only a few service station that provide fuel to diplomats and guests of the state are allowed to sell in US Dollars.

“It is only those few designated service stations that can sell in foreign currency. They exclusively sell to diplomats and guests of the State

“All other service stations doing that are violating the law and we shall, through the Zimbabwe Energy Regulatory Authority (ZERA), enhance our surveillance system.” She said.

Fuel is being sold in foreign currency for anything between US$1,25 per litre and US$1,50. A litre of petrol fetches US$2 on the black market.

After all is said and done, will this ban of using foreign currency really work? Will it improve the use of the legal tender or it will cause corruption worse when the fuel attendants will continue selling fuel using US Dollars secretly.?

A lot of businesses in town are using US Dollars and most businesses are even refusing to take the bond currency, Techunzipped news has learnt.



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