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Legislators Need Education To Use Samsung Tablets – Mliswa

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Legislators Need Education To Use Samsung Tablets – Mliswa

Norton legislator Temba Mliswa has said Legislators need lessons to enable them to effectively use their new tablets since they are not familiar with the Samsung brand.

Speaking in the National Assembly, Mliswa asked Parliament to make an arrangement for them to be taught on how to use Samsung Tablets, adding that they are used to iphones.

“I would also like to say these tablets that we got , I think we need to have a 30-minute lesson for all of us because some of us are used to the I-phone and not Samsung.

“So anybody who needs further education on it can then see the ICT specialists. I think an understanding is needed,” he said

Legislators had for years asked the government to provide them with Samsung Tablets.

This then leaves one to ponder on whether the Legislators are technology literate? Samsung gadgets have been viewed by many as the easiest to use whilst iphones are the hardest. Perhaps iphones are easy to use from Mliswa’s point of view. Who knows?

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