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NetOne Introduces AmaSixty60 data bundle


NetOne Introduces AmaSixty60 data bundle

NetOne has introduced a 60 minute (one hour) data bundle that lets you enjoy 1GB data for  ZW$10.

The data bundle can be accessed by dialing *171# or on OneMoney *111*4*2*1*3*1#.

The move was made to provide fast internet connectivity.

A lot of people may think that the bundle is expensive but lets compare it to other bundles from other network service providers. Let’s take a look at the private WIFI Data bouquets from Econet. There is one which cost ZW$400 for 25BG which is the cheapest in the sector. Let’s calculate how 1GB will cost from this WIFI bundle from econet…

If we divide 400 by 25 it gives us 16. Therefore 1GB cost ZW$16 from Econet which is expensive by ZW$6 compared to NetOne where 1GB cost ZW$10.

However it may be argued that the one from Econet is much better because it does not have time limit unlike the one from NetOne.



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