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NetOne Customers Complain Over The One Hour ZW$10 Bundle


NetOne Customers Complain Over The One Hour ZW$10 Bundle

NetOne customers are complaining over the 1GB hourly bundle introduced by NetOne  last week saying the bundle is too expensive for just one hour.

The one hour bundle cost ZW$10.

Last week, NetOne Corporate Manager Dennis Chagonda said “NetOne introduced the 1-hour data bundle to enable subscribers to access internet connectivity at any time of the day at a relatively cheap price”

However the majority are colliding with this idea saying ZW$10 is not cheap but rather un affordable for just one hour.

In an interview with techunzipped news, a NetOne customer by the name Miss Manyara said the bundle is expensive, and time limited therefore can not be afforded.

“I am a regular NetOne user but this time they have gone too far, at least they should put more hours. How different is it now from the internet Cafe?” She said.

Simbarashe a small online business owner and NetOne user said one hour is not enough when doing business online therefore one will need to buy more hours thus more money.

“I can’t finish working in just one hour! I need like five hours and that is like 50 dollars. That is very expensive.” He said.

The state-owned mobile telecommunications firm, NetOne last week said the data bundle package was introduced as part of its efforts to cushion its subscribers in the wake of rising data costs.

Due to the economic meltdown and the continue rise in prices of commodities in the country, everyone is now trying to make ends meet. NetOne is trying to catch up with the economy and the majority is also scrambling to catch up with it. At the end who will win?


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