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Today’s Exchange Rate 13 February 2020


Today’s Exchange Rate 13 February 2020

The Zimbabwean Dollar has continued to depreciate against the US Dollar due to the continued weakening of the economy.

On the local market, the Zimbabwean Dollar continues to lose value against the US Dollar as the interbank reports that the ZWL has depreciated by 0.141% to Z$17.581 to the dollar.

On average the ZWL is trading at Z$19.30/US$1.00 on cash and Z$25.50/$1.00 for bank transactions. The traders are buying at Z$23.50 /$1.00 on transfer deals and Z$18.00 per each dollar on cash transactions.

HBEI is flat on week opening at 18, as the OMIR opens the week on a positive note after it rose +1.34% to end at 37.6132.

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