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UNICAF University To Receive Accreditation from ZIMCHE


UNICAF University To Receive Accreditation from ZIMCHE

Unicaf University is set to receive a provisional licence to operate in Zimbabwe from The Zimbabwe Council for Higher Education (ZIMCHE).

The Licencing has not been granted yet and the online University is waiting to get the response anytime soon as the paperwork was already sent to ZIMCHE.

Speaking during a media conference in Harare today, Vice Chancellor Unicaf University Zimbabwe, Professor Cuthbert Katsvanga said the University has stopped enrolling students for the next semester until the licencing is granted.

“We are waiting for the accreditation for us to start preparing for the enrollment,

“As soon as our programs are accredited,we will start enrolling students.” He said.

Unicaf is a rather unique university in Africa where learning takes place online. This is so much different from other Universities here where students are required to attend lectures in person and copy notes from chalk boards. This has shown innovative digitalisation and a boost in the tech industry. However considering the economic situation in Zimbabwe and the rise in data bundles, Unicaf representatives at today’s media conference where asked how they have surpassed this challenge and Professor Cuthbert Katsvanga had this to say,

“We have created the virtual learning environment (VLE), you don’t need to be online permanently, you can just download what you want.

“After paying you will have access to everything that you need, you use that material whilst you are offline. I’ts very accessible.” He said.

Meanwhile, International Marketing Mananger , Miss Ria Argyrides said Unicaf offers 75% fees to students on scholarships.

“We offer up to even 75% to our students on scholarships and the student pays the remaining 25% depending on the financial situation of the student and the criteria that they have to meet in order to qualify for these scholarships.” She said.



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