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Genius Forensic Services Promotes Zim Technology


Genius Forensic Services Promotes Zim Technology

Techunzipped News Online strives to promote technology and digital innovations. Today our reporter Yeukai Chidemo visited Genius Forensic Services and talked to the CEO of the company Mr Percy Rwodzi then filed this interview. Questions were conducted by Yeukai Chidemo (YC) and answers by Percy Rwodzi (PR).

YC. How does genius services promote technology in Zimbabwe?

PR. It promotes technological advancement through information security enterprise , since through security and data verification and authenticity people and corporates seemed to embrace and incoporated ICT in areas which they previously did not embrace ICT due to security threat in breaches and vulnerabilities. Some organization didn’t trust storing data electronically citing fears of system crashes and corrupting so as Genius forensic services we offered data securing and recovery solutions which made more new organizations to step into embracing ICT and online transactions.

YC. Do you have personal goals or future plans you would like to share with us?

PR. All I can say for now is that I am continuously working towards connecting more with different industries so as to grow my professional network.

YC. How many years have you been operating in Zim and how is the market so far?

PR. Genius Forensic Services was incoparated in 2017 so basically we we now in three years in practise. It is a very tough journey but i am glad and happy that we getting there with the grace of the Almighty.

YC. Have you improved digital forensic in the Country so far?

PR. Today’s huge volumes of data, heterogeneous information and communication technologies, and borderless cyber infrastructures create new challenges for security experts and law enforcement agencies investigating cyber crimes. The future of digital forensics is explored, with an emphasis on these challenges and the advancements needed to effectively protect modern societies and pursue cyber criminals using digital systems and technologies within the legal context, genius forensic services has gone a mile stone in this regard as it helped our local courts in answering questions which ranging from cyber crimes cases,electronic email systems, email authenticity, penetration and breaches, electronic and online data theft , instant texting , WhatsApp and social engineering cases.

Genius Forensic Services was founded by Percy Rwodzi and Proud Majora(resigned) and Steyn T Macheka in 2016 after a 7- year career in the ICT private sector. With the evolution of needs within the ICT security realm the company expanded to now include client specific forensic services. Their services include ; Digital Forensics, Cyber-Security, ICT Security& Risk Management, Consultancy, Crime Scene Reconstruction and many more.

Yeukai is an ambitious and passionate journalist. She enjoys writing and reading about technology and has made it her number one priority. She has been practicing journalism for 5 years now. In her journey as a writer, she has written three novels so far.

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