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Sasai A Relief For Econet Customers?


Sasai A Relief For Econet Customers?

Some Econet Customers have found relief from Cassava Smarttech’s Sasai when buying whatsapp bundles since it offers half of Econet’s WhatsApp data bundle charges that have become too expensive for most ordinary citizens.

Most Econet Customers have joined Sasai now and when i interviewed some of them relief was written all over their faces. One woman said she doesn’t know the difference between Econet and Sasai bundles but is glad to buy the Sasai bundle since the bundles are cheaper.

“I honestly don’t know the difference between Econet and Sasai, and how they got to have different bundle charges on the same line but all i know is that i will buy the cheaper bundle that i can afford.” She said.

Yemurai a UZ Student said she is glad that she joined Sasai as the bundles are affordable even for students.

“I like Sasai WhatsApp bundles. Everyone even us students can afford them. I would have left WhatsApp if not for these Sasai bundles i tell you”

However one man called Jerry said he would rather buy the Econet bundles than Sasai because the latter bundle does not last.

“I once tested this Sasai bundle and found it worthless because it doesn’t last. I mean i bought a weekly bundle but it only lasted for two days, atleast the Econet one can last up to three or four days which is better.”

Through Sasai, one can even buy cheap airtime for $3 unlike Econet’s airtime which is now purchased at $5. The cheapest.




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