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VAYA : Key Features That Will Change How You Commute


VAYA : Key Features That Will Change How You Commute

Mobility has evolved over the past decade with new technology which has brought convenience to the everyday consumer. From the scheduling system for public transport such as buses and trains leaving at a certain time, to self-driven cars which are promising to take the market by a wave especially in the first world countries.

Playing in the same space is VAYA Africa with a premium ride-hailing service which has helped bring convenience to people moving from place to place.

The VAYA Africa service can be accessed through an App that can be downloaded online on Google Play and Apple’s App Store.

Pick the right car for yourself

With VAYA Premium, customer experience is at the core of service delivery which is why the VAYA Africa App is pre-built with features that ensure the needs of customers that require the service are met. There are a number of features on this App but today we are discussing just 5 of them.

One of the most valuable features of the VAYA premium services is that it allows you to choose the type of vehicle you need ranging from the Basic 4 seater, 7 seaters, SUV vehicles, and Executive range. Through this, users can select a vehicle that will ensure comfort as one goes on a trip whether alone or with friends. The service goes over and beyond being thoughtful as it also has the option for customers to select vehicles with handicap assistance.

Be secure

In such times were security issues are very important, VAYA takes a major role in making sure that safety for both the partner and passengers comes first. For the partner when their vehicle is registered on VAYA, it is also fitted with a tracker and they also use MAPS which provide real-time data on partner location. In the event of an unfortunate incident happening, the partner can send an SOS and VAYA team will be able to track and assist them.

Such security is not only for the partner but also for the passenger. From the pre-screening and police vetting of drivers, VAYA goes a step further with the SOS built function for the customer. Immediately when your trip begins, a red button appears on the screen and in cases of emergency, pressing it will send a distress signal to the police and MARS Emergency Contact Center.

For the customer, there is also an added layer of security as they can add a list of emergency contacts and send their location to when the trip begins. This also enables them to see where you are and also be on alert especially at night.

Enjoy multiple payment options

With Zimbabwe going through cash challenges, one of the key attributes of VAYA is that it has access to several payment options that allows users to pay for their trip however they like.
Upon completion of a trip, customers are given the choice to pay through their Ecocash Wallet, Cash, Use a Promotional Code, and the recently added facility to pay using International Credit Cards. Now that’s the bonus especially for foreigners coming into the country as they will not have to worry about going to a bank to change money into local currency.

Book your trip in advance

With VAYA, users can also request for a ride in advance using the Pre-Booking option. Imagine you have a business trip and your flight is at 6am and you have to check-in at 4am. Transport is not easily available at that time and you don’t want to be stressed about missing your flight, but with VAYA you can pre-book your ride by selecting what time you would like to be picked and this will let the driver know in advance what time to be at your house. Now that takes convenience to another level

Get your trip history

Another favourite future for many is the ability for users to know their history as the App offers an option to check their account summary. With the VAYA app, one can get an account summary of all the trips taken during a certain period.

This is quite handy if one is an employee who needs to claim for transport allowance and use VAYA for business trips. Not only does it make life easier as it shows all trips, distances travelled and cost, but to the employer it becomes an authentic source than word of mouth between a taxi driver and an employee.

With such features on the App, this makes customers enjoy the convenience of ride hailing services such as VAYA Premium. It surely takes the On-demand model in transportation to a whole new level.

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