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NetOne Director Accused Of Fake Doctorate


NetOne Director Accused Of Fake Doctorate

Fortunately, the fake degree providing organizations have all since a long time ago been closed down, however the capabilities they gave may at present be being used.

As of late, in excess of 40 sites granting deceitful and useless degrees were shut down as a component of an advanced education crackdown. The sites permitted those urgent enough, to fork out cash for a fake degree, which would state they had accomplished anything up to doctorate level capabilities.

One of the remaining four NetOne board members, Dr Ranga Mavhunga has been accused of being a recipient of a bogus doctrate degree.

Dr Mavhunga is NetOne director and founder of FMC financial services is said to have been a beneficiary of Common Wealth University, which has a reputation of dishing out three-night doctorates to politicians.

The modus operandi to reel in “honorary doctorate degree” nominees is quite simple really – appeal to the addressee’s vanity and sense of self-importance.

But it’s an ego trip that comes at a steep cost, for the nominee will only receive the “honorary doctorate degree” after paying US$5 500 “to cover course materials, lunch, snacks, Master Class Certificate in Leadership and Management, Intensive Seminar and coaching during the event”.

Despite this hefty price tag, quite a number of prominent Zimbabweans appear to have fallen for the London Graduate School / Commonwealth University “honorary doctorate degree” scam, which predominantly appears to target Africans of some sort of elevated profile.

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