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Quick Tip – NetOne One-Fi Bundles Are Much Cheaper Than Regular Bundles


Quick Tip – NetOne One-Fi Bundles Are Much Cheaper Than Regular Bundles

Most NetOne subscribers are unaware that the provider’s One-Fi bundles are priced much lower than the regular bundles. It is also helpful that the NetOne network has been quite stable and reliable for subscribers in many areas.

Here’s a quick comparison: When you buy a regular data bundle, a 3.2GB monthly bundle costs $400. However, if you buy a One-Fi bundle you pay the same $400 but get 25GB.

The difference is quite significant – It’s a no brainer. A common misconception with some NetOne subscribers is that one needs a One-Fi physical router in order to use One-Fi bundles. This is not true. One-Fi bundles can be
bought and used on any regular phone. This makes One-Fi much cheaper than internet sold by ISPs since you don’t have to buy a MiFi to use it.

To enjoy this great deal, you can buy airtime online and convert it to bundles. Here’s

  1. Go to
    2. Enter:
    number to be recharged
    Amount of Airtime
    EcoCash number for payment
    3. You then click on Buy
    4. An EcoCash prompt for pin will appear on the phone line specified
    5. Once approved, the phone number to be recharged will be topped up.

You can then proceed to buy your One-Fi bundles through the *171# USSD menu. You will also notice that the larger 80GB One-Fi bundle costs $1000 so the bundles get cheaper as they get bigger.

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