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SMBLO Goes After Hulu Live Stream Record


SMBLO Goes After Hulu Live Stream Record

The software development company, SMBLO announces a 2-week nonstop live streaming event set to break the world record.

‘Back in 2007, there was so much uncertainty filling the country. There were daily strikes and as a grade seven student, most days meant going to sit and socialize at school because there were no teachers in class. This was the beginning of my uncertain relationship with education.

By 2012 when I was meant to be writing my form 4, O Level exams. The school was no longer affordable and this meant finishing the rest of my year doing extra lessons and learning from home. Everything changed for me that year, I said goodbye to my friends and the place I called home and moved across the country. ‘

Amanda Marufu, CEO and Co-Founder shares.

According to UNESCO 20, 400 pupils in the country dropped out of primary school in 2018, some after being married off. In 2017, there were 2.1 million status dropouts between the ages of 16 and 24. In 2016, 263 million children, adolescents, and youth were out of school, representing nearly one-fifth of the global population.

‘I was only just one of them, which begs to ask the question why do we never talk about the students who don’t have access to education, even though this is a basic human right.

Unlike many students around the world, I was blessed to have access to the internet and to continue to learn even after I was no longer a part of the school system.

With access to one single phone, I had access to millions of resources on different subjects, topics, and philosophies. Despite not being in a school building, I was able to learn.’

In the past few years, there have been efforts to build schools and buy more resources but the truth is this method remains more expensive.

Ponder this: ‘What would be easier? To give everyone an internet connection or to build a new school in every rural area across Africa, with great teachers, books, and resources for each subject all whilst having enough money left over for resources to conduct monthly experiments across all forms and grades. Pay for transportation costs and pay for continued upgrades each and every single year.

We believe it’s the former and this year we have undertaken the project of building this digital vision for Africa to make sure that all students have access to quality education regardless of where they are from.

We are fortunate enough to live in a world where with one mobile phone, any student anywhere can have access to millions of books, millions of resources, and everything they need to get a quality education.

On 1 August as SMBLO, we take the first steps to ensuring that this digital vision comes to life. With your help, we aim to break the world record for the longest live stream in history previously set by Hulu and raise enough funds to not only grow the business but help educate 530 students for up to a year.

You can help by sharing your content with us through this form:

Or sending us an email on and becoming one of our sponsors, partners, or advertising your business through our platform.

Together we can ensure that quality education can be accessible to everyone.

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