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Fix It Yourself: 4 Airpod Troubleshooting Tips to Try


Fix It Yourself: 4 Airpod Troubleshooting Tips to Try

Have your Airpods stopped working? Rest assured, they’re probably not a lost cause. Try these Airpod troubleshooting tips before asking for help.

Most people would agree that Apple’s AirPods are some of the best wireless headphones out there. They provide fantastic sound quality while remaining high-quality and easy to use.

That is unless you run into a technical issue. Problems with Airpod play aren’t common but they do happen. When they do, it can be incredibly frustrating. A technical issue likely doesn’t mean that your AirPods are a lost cause.

You might just need to try a few AirPod troubleshooting tips and tricks out for size. With a little effort, you can probably get your AirPods up and operating again without having to take them into a store.

Need to learn how? Read on and we’ll walk you through the basics.

  1. Fixing Pairing Problems

One of the most common problems people with AirPods run into is that they don’t properly connect to their phones or other devices. A lack of connection means no music, calls, or any other sort of sound coming through— very frustrating!

If you’re running into this issue the first step you should try to take to fix the problem is to put your pods back into the charging case. Give them about ten seconds to reset then pull them back out and put them into your ears again.

If that doesn’t work? It could be your phone or device that is causing the problem. To test this, you should turn the Bluetooth on and off your device. Give it a good ten seconds of being turned off before flicking it back on.

If you’re using an iPhone, you can easily turn Bluetooth on and off by flicking up at the bottom of your screen to get the settings menu.

Once you’ve reset Bluetooth, you might want to re-attempt to reset your AirPods as well. Put them back in the charging case, wait ten seconds, then pull them out.

In most cases, doing these steps should resolve any connection issues and you should be able to pair without any other problems.

What If Only One Pod Won’t Pair?

A less common issue for AirPod owners is when just one of the two pods won’t connect. This can be almost as frustrating as the above issue.

If you find yourself with this problem, however, taking the same steps should help to rectify it. Pop both of them back in the charging case and try to reset that way, or attempt to turn your Bluetooth on or off.

Hopefully, this process will cause the non-connecting Pod to come back online.

  1. If Calls Are Being Dropped

A frustrating issue that has plagued AirPod owners since the wireless headphones were first introduced is the commonality of dropped calls. You might be in the middle of an important discussion with someone when — blam, they’re off the line.

The simple fix for this issue might surprise you: take your calls with only one AirPod in your ear, not both. It’s unclear why this sometimes resolves the issue, but calls are less frequently dropped when the individual has only one AirPod in.

If that doesn’t help to solve the issue of dropped calls, it can be well worth going into the iPhone settings and adjusting a few things. Under the Bluetooth section on your phone, you should see the AirPods listed. There should be a little ‘i’ button next to them that you can press.

When you press this, you should be able to set your microphone to either the left or right ear. This might help to solve the issue. You can also turn off the Automatic Ear Detection feature, which sometimes forces calls to be dropped. However, you will then also lose the benefits of this feature as well. That will have to be a personal decision.

  1. Static and Frequency Interruptions

Poor audio quality through AirPods can be a problem that’s a little bit harder to diagnose. There’s a possibility that the headphones have been damaged and will need to be replaced.

If you’re only getting static and interrupted audio in one location, there’s a good chance some sort of wireless interference is occurring. You might just need to move to a different location in order to hear better. If you’re out and about, this should be no issue.

If you’re getting this problem in your home, however, it can be a bigger issue. You might need to track down which electrical device in your home is creating a problem. Turning devices on and off until the interference goes away is one way to find the source of the problem.

  1. How to Reset Your AirPods

If you’re still having issues with your AirPods, you might need to reset them altogether. This is different than just putting them back in the charging case, though that will be the first step.

Once you have them in the case, you’ll want to hold onto the button on the back of the case. Hold it down for roughly fifteen to twenty seconds uninterrupted. You should see the LED light flash orange.

After you’ve taken this step, take them out of your case with your phone very close by. Wait for them to reconnect and see if that has resolved the issue. For other devices, you might need to re-manually connect them.

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Tips on AirPod Troubleshooting

Your AirPods failing to work as they should can be an incredibly frustrating experience. It can be even more frustrating if you can’t get them back up and running properly. The above AirPod troubleshooting tips can help you to get over these kinds of obstacles.

Need more tech tips and tricks? Keep scrolling our blog for more.

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