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How Does iCloud Work? 7 Great Ways to Use iCloud


How Does iCloud Work? 7 Great Ways to Use iCloud

iCloud is very popular amongst Apple users, but how does iCloud work? This guide explains iCloud and lists 7 great ways to use iCloud.

When you own a great device like an iPhone or iMac, you are more than happy to use it and show it off. Still, just because you have a product, it doesn’t always mean you know how to use it.

Some people are either slightly or completely unaware of the tools Apple offers. You might have an idea what iCloud is, but may wonder how does iCloud work? This guide is for all the new Apple users or moms and dads who aren’t too tech-savvy.

In the next few minutes, you will learn a few great ways to take full advantage of iCloud.

How Does iCloud Work?

Did you know over 1.5 billion people own an Apple device and iCloud is the most used cloud service in America? There’s a reason billions love and use iCloud.

You can think of it as Apple’s virtual way of storing and accessing all that is important to you (or maybe not, but hey, you save it). Once you have iCloud, everything is almost hands-off as files and folders are kept up-to-date at all times.

So long as you have the file space, everything you add is automatically synced from one device to another. iCloud appears to have a life of own as every folder and item you add is present everywhere you need it.

  1. Save Files on iCloud Drive

On iCloud Drive, everything is done for you. Anything you use or save on your device is also mirrored on the drive.

When you own any Apple device, you get 5GB of free space to use. If you are like most data hoarders, this amount isn’t anywhere near enough.

Apple is aware of this and offers customers the option to buy additional storage space. You can choose up to 2TB that can be shared wither others if you feel like sharing the wealth.

  1. Use the Website for App Access

If you are at a friend’s place, the office, or the library and need to get something when you don’t have your Apple device, you can still get the files you need anywhere. So long as you have a web browser and the internet, you can go to to access your data.

If you never logged on the website before, you may notice the layout familiar to your iPhone and iMac which makes navigating familiar, simple, and easy. If you lost your device, you can also locate it through the site using “Find my iPhone.”

  1. Keep Pictures in iCloud Photo Library and Share on Photo Stream 

Your pictures and videos are safe on iCloud in the photo library. Without any effort on your part, every image you take or download is added to iCloud. If you see your pictures on your main device but want to find out how to view it through the iCloud photo library, you can find more info reading how-tos.

Photo Stream allows you to see every photo on any of your Apple devices without needing to sync. You must activate it via your iCloud settings.

  1. All-The-Time Availability on Any Mobile Device

If you have a tablet, computer, or PC from Apple, you can see everything on iCloud. Changes you do on one device will reflect on everything. If you don’t own an Apple PC, you’re still in luck.

There’s also iCloud for Windows available for download. However, files beyond 15GB aren’t supported. This means you won’t be able to transfer or view anything bigger than that size.

  1. Link iCloud With Your Contacts and Calendar

It’s not only your photos that are important, right? Your contacts you wouldn’t remember if the number were deleted is saved too. All the notes, reminders, and memos you make, including your calendar, are also saved with iCloud.

If you are on iCloud, you can add a note or contact and be happy knowing everything you add is sent to your linked devices.

  1. Keep All Your Bookmarks  

Another cool thing to mention is that your bookmarks are safe in the cloud. In order to ensure this, go to your iCloud settings and check if Safari is checked. Lost bookmarks won’t happen again and anything on your “Reading Lists” is accessible on any device.

How do you save things on your reading list? You can save articles you find to iCloud when you clock on the icon that has a pair of sunglasses.

  1. Save Music and Connect to iTunes

iCloud makes it easy to download apps and music through any of your devices. Make sure you have iTunes installed on your iMac if you want to save your music elsewhere.

You can open iTunes and go to “preferences” to tell your computer to download anything app, music, or book you purchase. You can activate this option on mobile devices using another method too.

You can go to “settings” and click on the “store” option. The result is the same and it’s handy when you don’t want to download files or apps separately. Your music is ready to listen to with friends or to motivate you while you work out.

Make Accessing Everything You Need Easier With iCloud 

Now you are fully informed. You don’t have to wonder how does iCloud work anymore. It’s the much needed “middle man” that connects all data between your devices.

You can use iCloud in your iPhone, iMac, iTV, iPad, or even a Windows computer if you needed to. No matter where you go, you are always online and the likelihood you would lose your data is, well, impossible.

So long as you have iCloud under your wings, the sky is truly the limit. Who knows, maybe that’s why they thought of the name.

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