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Its Just You, Google Services Were Down


Its Just You, Google Services Were Down

If you are having trouble loading Gmail or a YouTube video this morning, you weren’t alone. A whole ton of Google services were having problems. Google Drive, Hangouts, Stadia, the Play Store, and even Nest were all affected, though reports indicate the issue is slowly resolving.

It’s unusual for this number of Google services to go down at once. Usually, it’s only a single service that is affected. This time around, however, it’s clearly a far broader issue.

Though the service is unreliable when it comes to specifics, Downdetector indicated reports of problems for pretty much all of the Google services it lists. However, other services from third-party companies are receiving similar reports. The issue may be larger than Google itself, though these other affected services may simply be Google Cloud customers. Though reports were fairly widespread, we don’t know if the issue was regional, though several of us across the US here at Android Police were affected.

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