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Another Innovative Billboard From Zimnat!


Another Innovative Billboard From Zimnat!

There is a jaw-dropping surprise for motorists driving or pedestrians walking along one of Harare’s busiest streets, Samora Machel.  A wildly innovative billboard of a car that seems to have driven off the Parkade and is clinging onto the building.

This is Zimnat’s latest billboard creation, with a message that reads “#InsuranceMatters”, prompting one to immediately realize that the unthinkable can happen to them or their loved ones. The creation also pushes one to realize the importance of insurance should anything happen to them or their loved ones. The creation has already become the talk of town in less than 48hours of launch. It is a must-see.

The message is direct and in line with the trendy communication language of hashtags.

The thought-provoking billboard comes after a consecutive two years of delivering iconic award-winning billboards. Zimnat has become a disruptive thinking and innovation creation hub.  “As part of our drive to always remain relevant and to communicate in an innovative manner, we have delivered this execution that reminds us that anything can happen at any time to our valued assets or life. As a result, it’s very important to cushion oneself and have peace of mind by getting insurance from reputable organizations like Zimnat” said Tatenda Marongwe Zimnat group marketing executive.

The billboard depicts a vehicle that seems to have crashed through the Parkade barricades and is almost falling off the building.

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