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Auctions Just Became As Easy As ABC


Auctions Just Became As Easy As ABC

Leading auction house, ABC Auctions has launched their new app for iOS and Android mobile devices. This addition to ABC’s host of auction house technologies illustrates

With more than 13000 members in their Facebook run ABC Bid Online auction group, the auction house was looking for a way to streamline their customers’ auction experience. They, therefore, developed an app that has given their customers more control of how they bid and participate in auctions.
the company’s initiative in building the most enhanced auction experience for buyers and sellers of auction items.

Innovative features in ABC Auctions’ mobile app include:

  • Practice bid.ABC Auctions’ new app includes a practice feature that allows you to learn how the app works while improving your bidding skills.
  • Bid bot. For those who are time-poor or busy at work the app includes a bid bot which allows you to input settings that will allow the bot to stay in the auction on your behalf. The bot will only do as it’s told so you don’t have to worry about overspending.
  • Outbid notification. The outbid notification is a lifesaver for anyone who is looking to grab an item in a heated auction. The app will automatically notify you when your bid is no longer the top bid.
  • Total control. ABC Auctions’ new app gives you total control over your auction experience. You can participate in multiple auctions and monitor your involvement in each auction including the total amount of money you’ve bid across all auctions.

The app is a bold innovation by the auction house to enhance their customers’ experience while creating the need to bolster their service delivery. With multiple auctions happening at the same time and across different items (from cars to dinner plates), ABC Auction’s has reaffirmed its position as an auction, logistics and retail juggernaut.

“We have gone from managing 4 – 5 auctions a day at our premises to 20 – 30 auctions online,” said Kiaran Knight, Floors Sales Manager. “This means instead of having to deliver and make good on a handful of items a day, we now need to deliver multiple items across the country, constantly.”

This best-in-class auction app serves as the catalyst for ABC Auctions’ entirely new focus — transforming how customers buy products in-house and online. ABC Auctions’ launch of their app is the first step in many changes as the company moves to be digital-first. ABC Auctions is dedicated to transforming its organisation to become a leader in online auctions.

To download the app, please visit

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