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WhatsApp Begins Roll Out Of New Shopping Button For Business App

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WhatsApp Begins Roll Out Of New Shopping Button For Business App

It’s been approximately a year since WhatsApp updated its Business app. Recently, the Facebook-owned messaging app released a new update in the form of a “shopping button”.

Earlier it required people to click into a business’ profile to see if the business had a catalog. The feature is being launched for WhatsApp users on both Android and iOS.

After Instagram and Facebook, WhatsApp is also getting a boost in the business field. Now business owners with WhatsApp accounts will be able to connect directly with customers and connect their shop catalogue on the app.

The shopping button looks like a storefront icon and will allow both businesses and customers to connect easily with each other. With the button, users will immediately know if the business has a catalog so they’ll be able to better browse products. This will, thereby, help businesses improve their sales. The new shopping button is available globally and will be replacing the voice call button. If WhatsApp users would like to voice call someone, they’d have to simply tap on the call button and it’ll allow them to select either a voice or video call.

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