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Netone Innovative And Seamless Communications Paying Off


Netone Innovative And Seamless Communications Paying Off

The Postal and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (Potraz)’s 2020 fourth quarter (Q4) revealed that the total number of active mobile subscriptions in the country has grown by 3.2% to 13 191 708. The highest growth being attributed to NetOne Cellular.

The sector performance report, issued every quarter by the industry regulator, revealed that NetOne increased its active customer subscription base by 6.8% in the three months from October to December 2020.

The recently published report indicated that NetOne was the only mobile network operator to record an increase in market share of 1%, whereas Econet and Telecel lost subscriber market share of 0.8% and 0.2%, respectively. The state owned enterprise has continued on a growth trajectory from Q3 which saw it gain 149 104 active subscribers and 236 037 subscribers in Q4 and has recorded an increase in market share of voice traffic of 0.9 %.

The mobile giant’s mobile financial arm, One Money grew by 9.6% from 854 320 to 936 479 reflecting the biggest growth in active mobile money subscriptions.

The Director General, Dr Machengete highlighted in the sector report that the COVID-19 pandemic negatively affected various sectors posing economic hardship for consumers, businesses and communities across the globe. The telecommunications sector was not excepted, MNOs and IP networks are playing a pivotal role in the pandemic, enabling data communications, transfer of key information, providing media and entertainment content, enabling e-learning and also enabling financial transactions to take place in the comfort of most Zimbabweans homes which has minimized the growth of the Covid-19 pandemic

NetOne was commended for the growth in market share which was attributed to the telecoms giant innovative and seamless solutions being supported by sound infrastructure.



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