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This free course From Kaspersky Academy Will Teach Kids All About Cybersecurity


This free course From Kaspersky Academy Will Teach Kids All About Cybersecurity

Look, we know that cybersecurity is complex, but unfortunately if you’re online, it’s something you should at the very least have a working knowledge of.

No, we don’t expect everybody to know what AES-256 encryption is or how to identify how malware flows through a PC but there are somethings you should know, like how to create a secure password.

However, when it comes to educating the youth when it comes to matters of security, parents who aren’t tech savvy might feel like that’s a mountain they don’t and can’t conquer.

Enter Kaspersky and Skill Cup which have partnered to create a course that will help parents establish good cybersecurity hygiene with their children.

“It’s hard to imagine school children without gadgets these days. So sooner rather than later, parents will buy the first smartphone for their child who will be introduced to a brave new digital world. Then comes the dilemma for any parent: how to keep a child safe from various cyberthreats and not interfere too much with a child’s personal digital space in the process,” explains head of the Kaspersky Academy, Denis Barinov.

The course was developed by Kaspersky while Skill Cup provided the platform. As part of this collaboration parents and children can participate in interactive lessons that cover a range of cybersecurity topics including the different types of fraud, rules for communicating with strangers online and even how ethics factor into the online experience.

At the end of each lesson a small test is performed to assess a child’s understanding of the topic.

The course is free but you will need to download the Skill Cup app which is available for Android and iOS. You can read more about the course itself here.

“Today’s children are used to a wide range of social media platforms such as TikTok, YouTube and others. That’s why the learning format should be adjusted to their content consumption habits. At Skill Cup we use microlearning as a format that helps to deliver knowledge in a fun and engaging way,” says chief executive officer and founder at Skill Cup, Roman Mandrik.

Cybersecurity is something we should all be curious about and getting children interested in staying safe online is something that gets a thumbs-up from us.

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