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Windows 10X: Everything You Need to Know about this OS

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Windows 10X: Everything You Need to Know about this OS

Microsoft initially unveiled Windows 10X on June 24, 2021, but didn’t disclose its launching date. Usually, dual-screen devices might support this updated version of Windows 10. If you own a laptop where Windows 10 runs, you can’t further update it to Windows 10X. To use the exclusive features of Windows 10X, it’s important to buy a new laptop or PC.

With this light variant of Windows 10, the users will be able to perform multiple tasks. Moreover, the Windows 10X devices have the ability to handle daily intensive workloads. You can opt for doing office-related work without facing any potential hindrances.

Till now, Microsoft has announced that none of its Surface laptops supports Windows 10X. The developers are on the way to launch Surface Neo, which will be Microsoft’s first Windows 10X device. Due to the global pandemic, the release of Windows 10X and Surface Neo has somehow got delayed. Though Microsoft didn’t come up with an announcement yet, you can expect both of these to be released by the end of 2021.

Some of the users are claiming that Microsoft has probably stopped developing Windows 10X. For this reason, maybe the developers are not sharing any information about this next-generation OS. However, Microsoft hasn’t yet confirmed anything regarding this contradictory information.

So, there is a high chance that this exclusive Windows OS might be still in action. The OS developers have brought significant improvements in Windows 10X to elevate the user’s expectations. Even the design of this OS is far better compared to the other versions of the Windows system. Do you want to know more about Windows 10X? Here, we have compiled a few essential information about this latest OS:

Did Microsoft Discuss Anything about the Release of Windows 10X?
Microsoft has earlier stated that Windows 10X might launch in the middle of 2021. But, they didn’t yet think about launching this light version of the OS in the global market. Recently, Microsoft revealed that the single-screen Windows 10X devices are expected to launch between September to November 2021. And, both the single and dual-screen device users will be able to use Win32 apps.

But, after the initial release of this OS, the users might not get the Win32 app support. It might take at least a year to officially get access to these useful Windows applications. And, for the dual-screen, Microsoft had already started planning about the features that will be in those devices. So, you might have to wait for a few months to perceive an entirely new experience in using Windows computers/laptops. According to Xbox Repair Dubai, Windows 10X is also going to render a better gaming experience.

In Which Devices Windows 10X will be Compatible?

Along with Microsoft’s Surface laptops, Windows 10X will be available on other devices as well. Renowned companies like Asus, HP, Dell and Lenovo will continue launching laptops or PCs with Windows 10X support. Moreover, the developers have focused on deploying Cloud technology in the Windows 10X devices. This implies the worldwide users will get more storage space to preserve their essential documents. So, switch to Windows 10X to get more benefits in the long run.

Are you planning to buy Asus’s Zenbook Duo? Then, you don’t have to think about any other option. Because, it’s an ideal dual-screen device that will be compatible with Windows 10X. Additionally, Lenovo has confirmed that its ThinkPad X1 Fold will support this updated version of Windows 10. But, the date, when this technical beast is going to be launched, is still yet unknown to us.

Which Sort of Advanced Features Can You Expect to Have in Windows 10X?
Though both Windows 10X and Windows 10 are designed with Core OS, these two OS are different. In this new Windows OS, features of Windows 10 might be missing, including File Explorer. Moreover, Microsoft has resolved the potential errors of Windows 10 in its latest operating system.

You can now conserve battery life and prevent unwanted data usage with Windows 10X. Even the Windows 10X devices are expected to deliver power pack performance. Here are some of the key features of Windows 10X which wasn’t previously introduced by Microsoft in is any OS:

1. Get Win32 Application Support

Microsoft declared that Windows 10X shares certain similar features with Windows 10S. And, its Win 32 application support is one of them. This Windows OS might not have the Windows Defender application. Even its emulator is incapable of running certain essential work-related applications like Slack.

But, you can run Win32 applications in a separate container in Windows 10X. Sometimes, these applications might conflict with the OS, and it will degrade the device’s performance. So, Microsoft is making the necessary changes to make this feature fault-free.

2. Basic Explorer replaced the File Explorer

In Windows 10X, instead of a File Explorer, there will be Basic Explorer, from where you can access files. Moreover, Microsoft has redesigned this feature so that the users can find their required documents with ease.

Basic Explorer is coming with OneDrive integration; this means the stored files will be synced with Cloud. Make sure to sign in with the right login credentials into the Microsoft account to avail this exclusive feature.

3. Secure the Device with Anti-theft Protection

Microsoft is planning to include a new anti-theft protection feature that wasn’t on Windows 10. And, the developers have designed this feature to deter theft-related instances. With anti-theft protection, the users can prevent unauthorised persons from resetting the device. You will get instant notification when someone tries to sell or reuse the Windows 10X device after stealing it.

But, if you do not enable the Microsoft Account password or PIN, you won’t be able to use this feature. And, if anyone decodes the passcode of this feature, they can access and remove the sensitive data easily. Do you know Anti-theft Protection automatically activates the “Find my Device” feature? Yes! So, if you ever lose the device, this feature will make it easier to find it.

4. Take Advantage of the New Screen Orientation

In the upcoming Windows 10X devices, the users can expect to have different screen orientations. Moreover, Microsoft has improved the user interface for the convenience of the users. You can now use the laptops in any mode without facing eye strain or eye fatigue issues.

When you get into the “Tablet” mode, the Windows 10X will automatically enable the single-screen interface. And, while in the Book mode, this OS will enable the dual-screen orientation. This feature will work in the laptop’s landscape and extended canvas mode as well.

Are you into content writing or editing? Then, this new screen orientation will be helpful for you in the long run. Because, with this feature, you can easily switch between two windows on a laptop screen. So, get a dual-screen laptop or foldable PC and enhance the productivity level with this Windows 10X feature.

What are the Other Features Microsoft is Planning to add to Windows 10X?
Microsoft has changed the Start Menu with Launcher in the Windows 10X devices. When you are in dual-screen or book mode, the launcher will automatically appear. Instead of tile mode, there will be a pop-up menu where the users will find the application’s list. Even, in this pop-up menu, Microsoft has added a search bar also. For enhancing the keyboard experience, you will get a “Wonder Bar”.

With Windows Hello, you can avoid the hassle of logging in to the device repeatedly. Microsoft might add a few more features in the Windows 10 variant. Wait until then, and make sure to get a Windows 10X dual-screen device and unleash endless possibilities.

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