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Connected Home Rebrands to Vaya Smart Security


Connected Home Rebrands to Vaya Smart Security

CONNECTED Home, a wireless home security and automation service, has rebranded to Vaya Smart Security under Vaya Technologies.

“The rebranding reflects our 36-degree approach to personal and business security, and the impact that technology can have in enhancing people’s safety and the security of assets 24/7,” Vaya Technologies chief executive officer Givemore Jojo said.

He said Vaya Smart Security will be offering smart “technologically advanced” security solutions to corporate organisations, public and government entities, non-governmental organisations and residential home owners, among others.

“Vaya Smart Security enables businesses and homeowners to secure their premises and estates with smart security solutions, such as monitored intrusion detection, CCTV surveillance, fire detection and suppression and access control, which come with a 24/7 alarm system, SMS monitoring and 24/7 zoned-out rapid response,” Jojo said.

Recent media reports lament a rise in burglaries, which the police has vowed to stamp out.

But now Vaya Smart Security says it will be complimenting the work of the police by helping foil the crimes before they happen, by enhancing security in the homes and at business premises.

“We are confident Vaya Smart Security will have a significant impact on Zimbabwe’s commercial and home security landscape, and in reducing incidences of forced break-ins, unlawful entries and any such related crimes using our smart security capabilities.

“We see incredible opportunities to support and protect the country’s most critical public and private sector assets and look forward to working with players in the financial services sector, utility providers, small-to-medium enterprises and other critical infrastructure organisations,” Jojo said.

Before the rebranding, Connected Home only offered solutions that allowed customers to monitor, control and secure their homes with the use of high-end alarm systems and related accessories, such as IP cameras, smart plugs and mobile applications, as well as rapid response reaction services.

Jojo said the company identified the opportunity to offer trusted, tech-based security services to combat rising incidences of security breaches and outright crime.

He said part of Vaya Smart Security’s service suite includes a mobile application-controlled home and business security system, that alerts asset or home owners of intruders remotely, from wherever they may be.

“In addition to CCTV surveillance, the security system is equipped with short and long-range sensors for open spaces, entry ways, rooftops as well as a perimeter cameras and an alarm system to detect attempted intrusion or climb attempts on walls,” Jojo said.

The service also boasts of smoke detectors and fire alarms, water and gas-based fire suppression and an SMS Connector, for quick responses.

Access to the security system is also protected using biometric, smart card or secret code, making it very difficult — if not impossible — for intruders to break or compromise.

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