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Potraz Gives Nod To Increase Tariffs


Potraz Gives Nod To Increase Tariffs

THE Postal and Telecommunication Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (Potraz) has approved that telecom operators can increase out-of-bundle tariffs by an average of 30% as the capital-intensive industry continues to battle rising input costs.

State-owned mobile network operator NetOne was the first to adjust its charges on September 26 while Econet Wireless Zimbabwe and TelOne have indicated that they will adjust their headline tariffs Wednesday (September 29).

Zimbabwe’s telcom sector had not been reviewed tariffs since September 2020, despite a general rise in prices of goods and services over the past 12 months.

According to the latest price schedule, NetOne’s 10 gigabytes (GB) will now cost ZWL$2 500, up from ZWL$2 000, while 25GB of data has been pegged at ZW$4 250, up from ZWL$3 500. A 50GB data package now costs ZWL$6 250, up from ZWL$5,000.

At the same time, TelOne’s new voice tariffs for landline-to-landline calls have been reviewed upwards to ZW$6.34 per minute for local calls, while landline-to-mobile tariffs are now going for ZW$7.38 per minute. And the 10GB residential broadband bundle has risen from ZWL$1 082 to ZW$1 499, and a 20 GB bundle for corporate use now costs ZWL$2 698, up from ZWL$1 948.

Econet Wireless, also adjusted its voice bundles from ZWL$0.1070 per second to ZW$0.1668, and SMS has been reviewed to ZWL$2.05 from ZWL$1.64.The company’s data bundles have been increased to ZWL$1.58 per megabyte (MB), up from the previous figure of ZW$1.26 per MB.

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