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Netone Launches Domestic USD Remittance Service

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Netone Launches Domestic USD Remittance Service

Leading mobile operator, Netone, has launched a US dollar domestic remittance service that is set to ease the burden for millions of Zimbabweans who need to safely and securely move money across the country.

The new funds’ transfer service, branded OneRemit, will allow instantaneous or real-time US dollar money transfers across the country for both Netone account holders and non-account holders.

Speaking at the launch ceremony yesterday, Netone Board Chairperson Ms. Susan Mtangadura, said the service would bring inclusivity and make it easy for all clients to send as little as US$10 per transaction.

“Today we roll out a service that places OneMoney Remit at the very centre of our customers’ lives. We all realize that the digitization of our economy has certainly made our world smaller yet until now, we still found tasks such as delivering cash from one location to another, a challenge. OneMoney Remit will take away all your pain points, creating value and convenience.” She said.

OneRemit will transfer amounts as low as US$5 per transaction, and up to US$500 per transaction, capped at US$2 000 per calendar month for Steward Bank customers. The transaction limit for non-Steward Bank walk-in users will be set at a minimum of US$5 per transaction, and a maximum of US$250 per transaction, capped at US$1 000 per calender month. And the only charge 3% of the amount.

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