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ZESA Rises Tariffs By 12.3%


ZESA Rises Tariffs By 12.3%

The Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority (ZESA) has, with immediate effect, increased by tariffs by 12.3%. The new charges came into effect 1 January 2022 and will see domestic consumers on pre-paid meters forking out $1 265.11 to buy 200 units per month. The new amount also includes six percent for rural electrification levy. Consumers on post-paid meters will pay similar charges plus an additional $35.68 monthly fixed charge.

n a statement Saturday ZESA said: “It is hereby notified that the Zimbabwe Energy Regulatory Authority (ZERA) has, in terms of Section 53 of the Electricity Act, approved the following prices for the supply of electricity to consumers with effect from January 1, 2022. This is a 12.3% indexation formula adjustment shortfall.”

There are five bands of discounted tariffs before the full $14,31 a unit comes into effect on all purchases over 400 units, although consumers can only have the advantage of the discounts on their first purchase each month. Subsequent purchases are charged at the full price.

The first 50 units cost $2,38 cents each, before the rural levy. So the full 50 will cost a domestic consumer on a pre-paid meter $126,14 including the rural electrification levy.

The 50 units is considered the rock bottom a family needs for essential purposes and assumes that they do not heat water for washing with electricity.

The next 50 units are $4,77 each, before the levy, so a household buying 100 units a month will need to pay $378,95, including the levy, for the token. The next 100 units are $8,36 each, so the token for 200 units a month including the levy is $1 265,11. The next 100 units are $11,93 each, so a 300 unit monthly token is $2 529,69 including the levy. The next 100 units are $13,71 each, so a 400 unit monthly token is $3 982,95 including the levy. Each additional unit is $15,17 including the levy.

Domestic consumers on standard post-paid meters, a minority now, pay similar rates for each unit as they go up the steps but in addition have to pay a fixed monthly charge of $35,68.

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