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Microsoft dropping support for Exchange Server 2013 next year


Microsoft dropping support for Exchange Server 2013 next year

Microsoft has reminded users that Exchange Server 2013 will reach its end of support on 11 April 2023.

This is just over ten years since its launch on 9 January 2013, which aligns with Microsoft’s typical 10-year support lifecycle for its products.

Businesses use Microsoft Exchange Server on Windows Server operating system to access email, calendar, collaboration, and scheduling functionality.

“Exchange Server 2013 will continue to run after this date, of course; however, due to the risks listed above, we strongly recommend that you migrate from Exchange Server 2013 as soon as possible,” Microsoft Exchange product manager Scott Schnoll said.

After 11 April 2023, Microsoft will no longer provide technical support, bug fixes, security patches, and time zone updates for Exchange Server 2013.

Schnoll advised users to upgrade to Exchange Server 2019 or migrate to Exchange Online.

Some users migrating to Exchange Online might be eligible for Microsoft’s FastTrack service.

FastTrack lets users access a support engineer to guide them regarding best practices, tools, and resources.

Microsoft Exchange is a frequent target of attackers. Running a version of the software supported with security updates is therefore well-advised.

Kaspersky security researchers recently discovered attackers had been exploiting a Microsoft Exchange vulnerability since February 2021.

ToddyCat, a state-sponsored threat actor group, accessed Microsoft Windows Exchange servers through an unknown vulnerability to install a passive backdoor and trojan malware.

The “Samurai” backdoor and “Ninja Trojan” allowed the threat actors to control the compromised systems of organisations in Vietnam, Taiwan, Russia, India, Iran, and the United Kingdom.

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