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Upsurge in robberies calls for greater security awareness

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Upsurge in robberies calls for greater security awareness

With the increased frequency of robberies and violent crimes, Safeguard Security has appealed to its clients and the public in general to be more security aware and ensure that whatever security systems they have in place are effective.

“With the increase there has been in break-ins and robberies, often accompanied by violence and even murder, it is important that everyone be security conscious,” commented Safeguard Security chief executive Andrew Mallon.

“Don’t store cash at home or at business premises, as cash is the major target of many robberies these days. Often robbers seem to target homes or businesses where they know or believe there is cash on the premises.

“Be security conscious and aware of what is going on around you. If you see something suspicious tell someone. If you are a Safeguard client, call out the response team to check it out, or report to your local security or the police in your area. Basically do something about it as your gut feeling will often be right

“At Safeguard we have coined the slogan ‘See Something, Say Something’ in an effort to encourage people to tell others of anything suspicious they may notice. Saying something about what you saw after a robbery has taken place is leaving it too late.,” he said.

Mr Mallon urged those who have security alarm systems to ensure they are switched on when they leave the property or retire for the night.

“Use your security systems as much as possible and ensure they are effective, be they a fence, alarm, gates or safe areas within the home.

“Always ensure that all doors giving access to your house are locked, whether you are inside or outside the house. If you live in a large house, alarm the part of the house that you are not using in the evenings and then ensure the alarm has been activated for the whole house before you go to bed,” he said.

“Check your panic buttons are working and use them if you hear or see something suspicious. If you have a security guard, give the guard a panic button so that he can use it when necessary,” Mr Mallon added.

He said that the migration of an increasing number of businesses to residential areas was bringing crime closer to people’s homes.

“There have always been housebreaking incidents but the migration of more businesses to residential areas has brought more crime closer to people’s homes,” he said.

“The increasing use of violence in both business and house break-ins is a disturbing trend that calls for increased vigilance by householders and business people,” he added.

He said security systems in the form of alarm systems linked to a rapid response service, CCTV and other forms of security have become essential rather than optional luxuries.

“CCTV cameras linked to response centres are essential for commercial and unmanned properties. They literally allow the response centre to have a picture of what is happening so that response teams that attend are properly briefed and aware of what is going on.

“Where there is a security guard as well as an alarm system linked to a rapid response service, giving the guard a panic button enables him to alert the response service if he notices an intruder while you are sleeping,” Mr Mallon pointed out.

In addition to greater security awareness at home and at work, Mr Mallon urged individuals to be security conscious as they go about their daily routines, ensuring valuables are not left where they can be seen in a car, keeping a tight grip on handbags, ensuring others do not notice where they have stored their wallet or cellphone and being wary about accepting a lift from strangers.

“It is helpful to be continuously aware of those around you when walking in the street or driving and to be ready to take evasive action, should someone attempt to deprive you of your property,” he said.

“The important thing is to always be security conscious, wherever you are,” he added.

Safeguard response customers are able to upload the Safeguard app on their smart phone that enables them to activate a panic button within the app wherever they may be.

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