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Google Search’s built-in timer vanishes


Google Search’s built-in timer vanishes

One of the simplest ways to set a timer until recently was to ask Google Search to do it for you, but the search engine’s built-in timer appears to have vanished.

According to Search Engine Roundtable, Google Search’s timer and stopwatch feature stopped working on 18 July 2022 and is still unavailable today.

Searching phrases like “set a timer for 10 minutes” would have previously presented users with a 10-minute timer. However, similar search phrases now only return search results and videos.

A tweet from Google’s public liaison for Search, Danny Sullivan, revealed that the company did not decide to remove the feature without warning.

Instead, it appears that technical issues forced the feature to become unavailable.
We have an issue that we’ve been looking [into],” Sullivan said.

“We expect to have it back fairly soon.”

The timer was first added to Google Search in 2013. It had been available for almost a decade before disappearing.

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