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WhatsApp web not working? Here’s how to fix

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WhatsApp web not working? Here’s how to fix

WhatsApp web allows users to access chats on their laptops and computer. It is convenient to use WhatsApp on desktop especially when you are working or browsing other topics in another window/tab. However, there may be times when the app runs into issues and stops working. Here, we bring you some methods to fix the problem.

Clear your device’s cache and cookies
At times, outdated cache and cookies can lead to errors on WhatsApp web. In this case, you should clear the browser’s cache and cookies. To clear history on Google Chrome, go to history by clicking on the three-dots at the top-right corner of your screen. Or simply press CTRL+H.

Here, click on ‘clear browsing history’ and then clear the cache & cookies. After this, you can relaunch Google Chrome browser to fix problems with WhatsApp web.

Update WhatsApp on your phone
It is likely that WhatsApp web is throwing issues because you are running an old version of WhatsApp on your smartphone. Make sure the version on your primary WhatsApp device is up to date. You can install the app’s latest version by heading to Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Update your internet browser
Another possible reason for WhatsApp web not working on your laptop is that your internet browser is not up to date. In this case, update your browser to the latest version. If you use Google Chrome, then head to the Settings by tapping on the three-dots at the top right corner of the screen. Next, click on About Chrome. If the browser version on your laptop is not updated, Google Chrome will start updating automatically.

Check if WhatsApp servers are up or not
To do so, simply head to to check whether other users are also facing issues with the messaging platform. If WhatsApp is down, wait till the services are up again. WhatsApp web will automatically start working as usual once the services are restored.

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