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Potraz Reinforces National E-Learning Programme


Potraz Reinforces National E-Learning Programme

The Postal and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (POTRAZ) is intensifying its national e-learning and computerisation programme to tie the digital divide and enhance connectivity in isolated parts of the country.

Consistent with this drive, last thursady, POTRAZ provided 14 schools in Masvingo Province with laptops.

Speaking at the commissioning of school computer labs in Masvingo province recently, Dr Machengete said the authority would surpass last year’s achievements.

The total number of computers disbursed to schools during the year was 4280.

“Speaking of last year, apart from the e- learning initiatives I have alluded to, in 2022, a total of 955 health centres were connected to the internet with one year bandwidth subscription being paid for each of the centres.

“Additionally, a total of 249 Police Stations were connected to the Internet under the e-Government Programme.

“Only yesterday (Wednesday last week) we distributed 160 computers to the Ministry of Public Service, Labour and Social Welfare under the same program as we accelerate the program this year.

“Last year we also constructed 32 new Community Information Centres which are at various stages of completion” he said.

“In addition to that we also started Construction of an ICT vocational training centre at Marondera Open Female Prison to ensure inmates are not left behind in the digital economy.”

The Government’s commitment to capacitate schools with digital infrastructure is meant to enhance the teaching and learning processes while bridging the digital divide and accelerating the attainment of a digital economy that has become central to the functions of a modern economy.

The beneficiaries comprised Kanongovere Secondary School, Chikwerengwe Secondary School, Rafamoyo High School, Mushayavanhu Primary School, Mutero Central Primary School, Magombedze High School, Chimombe Mudyanadzo High School, Mutambwi High School, Rumhizha High School, Zimuto High School, Chinyanganya Primary School, Mavhiringidze Secondary School and Nerupiri Secondary School.

In 2022, Potraz connected 1117 schools to the Internet under the schools connectivity programme.

In the same year, Potraz equipped 186 computer laboratories at various schools across the country with a minimum of 30 computers each. Potraz also disbursed 4280 computers to schools throughout the year.

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